To Floss or Not to Floss

Recently, a lot of clients have heard the report about there being “No strong proof that flossing your teeth has a medical benefit…” (Report done by CBC News). Kanata Dental Hygiene does not agree with that statement. Kanata Dental Hygiene strongly recommends the use of floss or any other dental aids that can get between the gum tissue and the base of the tooth. Removing food debris and disturbing the bacterial biofilm will help reduce gum disease and risk of tooth decay: “Toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque irritate the gums. The toxins stimulate a chronic inflammatory response in which the body…turns on itself, and the tissues and bone that support the teeth are broken down and destroyed.” (Guide to Periodontal Health and Disease).

A combination of reducing sugars, brushing regularly, flossing teeth, as well as rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash is an effective way to reduce chances of gingivitis and decay. Kanata Dental Hygiene realizes flossing isn’t everyone’s favourite part of their oral hygiene routine and will recommend use of other effective aids that clean between the teeth such as: air or water pics, stimulators, sulcabrushes/proxabrushes, power toothbrushes, tooth picks, soft picks, etc. Partnering alongside your dental hygienist, can help you decide what oral hygiene routine works best for you.

In conclusion, dental hygienists believe that good oral health contributes to overall health and wellbeing.

-Ontario Dental Hygiene Association – Brushing, Flossing, Rinsing:

Pyjama Patrol Donations

Kanata Dental Hygiene recently made a donation to a local organization named Pyjama Patrol. It is a group of Kanata Moms who collect new, warm pyjamas for kids in need in our community. To complete the bed time experience, Kanata Dental Hygiene donated kids’ toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and some small story booklets. A BIG thank you to Colgate and Maxill for their kind contributions toward the donation as well! All of the donations Pyjama Patrol collects are sent off to the Kanata Food Cupboard and Chrysalis House. It is an amazing and generous organization, we encourage people to take part in it if they can.

Pyjama Patrol is also hosting an event called Pyjama Rama at the Hazeldean Mall (in the former Target location) on Saturday, October 22, 2016 between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. There are a lot of fun activities for children and parents planned. Event is listed on their website.

Please find Pyjama Patrol’s links listed down below, if you would like to learn more:

Health Canada on Mouthguard protection

Mouthguards act as a buffer between the soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, and teeth. They prevent fractures or dislocations by cushioning the teeth from direct frontal blows. Mouthguards are shock absorbers between the upper and lower jaws.

Mouthguards not only protect the teeth, but they also protect the head from blows to the jaws, which can ultimately result in a concussion and or unconsciousness. They can aid in preventing neck injuries as well.

Health Canada has created an informative web page dedicated to the benefits of wearing a mouth guard while participating in athletics:

Kanata Dental Hygiene makes Custom-made mouthguards.

This involves taking an impression of the teeth – creating a dental model of the teeth, followed by the moulding of the mouthguard material around the model, in order to ensure a close and comfortable fit. The total amount for a custom made atheletic mouthguard is $55.00 at Kanata Dental Hygiene. There are different colours of mouthguard material to choose from as well.

Please refer to our Custom Sportsguard section of our website: Kanata Dental Hygiene Custom Sportsguards

Please call Kanata Dental Hygiene to book an appointment to have a custom mouthguard made for you.

Celebrate Your Smile This April!

National Dental Hygiene Week takes place from April 9-15th as part of oral health month in Canada.

This week’s theme is “Oral Health for Total Health”, a reminder that taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums benefits your overall physical and mental well-being.

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Week by setting new dental health goals for yourself, starting with six simple steps: brush, floss, use an oral rinse, eat a healthy diet, eliminate tobacco use, and see a dental hygienist regularly.

Purple is the official colour of the dental hygiene professionals since 1897.

Here are some tips and pdfs from NDWH

  1. Top 10 Oral Health Tips
  2. Tooth Decay in Children
  3. Dental Hygiene For Life

Find out more about National Dental Hygiene week:

Kanata Dental Hygiene will be attending the:

Sparkle Dental Charity Ball

The Sparkle Dental Charity Ball kicks off National Dental Hygiene Week! It will take place on Saturday, April 9th 2016 at the Westin Ottawa.

One of our team members at Kanata Dental Hygiene, Kathleen Feres Patry, is part of the committee who organizes this event.

This will be Kanata Dental Hygiene’s second year sponsoring the Sparkle Dental Charity Ball.

For 2016, the Sparkle Dental Charity Ball will partner with the Caldwell Family Centre and St. Joe’s Women’s Centre. Proceeds will help to provide no cost dentistry for vulnerable families and individuals in need within the community.

To view more information on the Sparkle Dental Charity Ball, please visit their website:

Kanata Dental Hygiene is excited to announce


Kanata Dental Hygiene is an independent dental hygiene practice that offers clinical services and information regarding preventative care and oral health information.

Information will be given to help encourage healthier oral care during pregnancy and to educate new mom’s with infants and toddlers proper dental care for their family.

For further information or to register call 613 592-2044
You can view Our Flyer Here…..Click Here

Gift from the Heart Saturday February 9th 2013

Kanata Dental Hygiene will take part in “A Gift from the Heart” for the fifth year on Saturday February 9th. The charity event is a one day event held by independent dental hygiene practices across Canada.

“A Gift from the Heart” is open to families ages 4-18 who are financially unable to receive oral care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment. It is our way of giving back to the community which has been so welcoming to Kanata Dental Hygiene.

Good overall health starts in the mouth. Research studies have shown a relationship between the health of your mouth and the health of the body. A Gift from the Heart is a day filled with education and dental hygiene services in a relaxed fun filled atmosphere.

The event takes place at Kanata Dental Hygiene, 417 Hazeldean Road from 9-3pm on Saturday February 9th 2013.

Kanata Dental Hygiene is now accepting reservations for appointments. Please call Jennifer MacPherson at 613.592.2044for screening and appointment availability.

You can view the Invitation Here…..Click Here

Continuing Education at Kanata Dental Hygiene

Is your smile important to you?

According to Dr. Tim Donley, Periodontist gum specialist, “Gum disease can kill more than your smile”

Elaine, Kelly & Kathleen attended an education day with the Dental Specialists Study Club on Friday Novembers 30, 2012.

Dr. Donley presented evidence that linked periodontal (gum) disease with other known conditions grouped into the “Inflammatory Diseases of Ageing”. Additionally, he described periodontal disease is a “full body disease with local presentation in the mouth … that left untreated could get worse since long term inflammation affects overall health.”

How does this information benefit you?
Dr. Donley confirmed the value of measuring and monitoring your periodontal gum condition to make sure that the “inflammatory mediators and response” were under control. Regular dental hygiene visits with a trusted dental hygienist will help to maintain good oral health which will help reduce the risk factors of your overall health such as …diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and preterm low birth weight babies.

Who is Dr. Tim Donley?
He specializes in Periodontics & Implantology in his practice located in Bowling Green, KY, and is an Adjunct Professor of Periodontics at Western Kentucky University. He is a highly respected lecturer in North America; the publication Dentistry Today recently listed Dr. Donley among its Leaders in Continuing Education.

It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Donley and obtain new information to pass along to you.

Gift from the Heart community event – Feb 2012

On Saturday February 11th 2012 Kanata Dental Hygiene will open their hearts and practice to provide oral health care to members of the public age 4-18 years (accompanied by a parent or guardian), who may be financially unable to receive dental hygiene care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment. Click here to download PDF

Gift from the Heart community event – Feb 2011

For the third consecutive year Kanata Dental Hygiene Independent Dental Hygiene Practice joined other Independently Practicing Registered Dental Hygienists across Ontario and gave a Gift from the Heart! Saturday February 12, 2011.

Kanata Dental Hygiene was able to thank the community from the bottom of our hearts! On Saturday February 12, 2011 we opened our practice to families in our community. Registered dental hygienists provided oral health care and dental hygiene treatment to a number of young people at no cost. Additionally, we hosted student dental hygienists who will graduate from Algonquin College this spring. The student dental hygienists provided oral health and nutrition education with knowledge and enthusiasm.

Kanata Dental Hygiene thanks our community from the bottom of our hearts!

We love to treat all ages

Kanata Dental Hygiene Team along with volunteer Algonquin College students.

Patty McComb RDH from Rural Roots Dental Hygiene giving a helping hand to Kanata Dental Hygiene

Councillor Allan Hubley joined us for the event.

Kanata Wellness Expo – Creating Wellness in the City

The Kanata Wellness Expo was held at the Holiday Inn in Kanata on Saturday January 22nd 2011. Kanata Dental Hygiene participated along with approximately 30 other trade show exhibitors in promoting health and wellness. It was an enjoyable day promoting Kanata Dental Hygiene and informing the public about what an independent dental hygiene practice has to offer. We were there to answer questions about all aspects of oral health. The public enjoyed visiting the booth along with the lucky winner of the Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrush.

Nov 12th 2010…Kathleen Feres Patry of Kanata Dental Hygiene was awarded….

Kathleen Feres Patry of Kanata Dental Hygiene was awarded a plaque of appreciation from president Linda Jamieson (right) and vice-president Inga McNamura (left) at the recent council Meeting of the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, in Toronto. Elected by the district’s dental hygienist, Kathleen will complete her third term, the maximum under the Regulated Health Professions Act (1991). She is looking forward to building Kanata Dental Hygiene with Elaine Russell and Jennifer MacPherson.

Staff of Kanata Dental Hygiene with the Tooth Fairy (Rachel),

We had an Open House, Saturday October 24th 2009 to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Week

Gordon O’Connor met with the staff of Kanata Dental Hygiene

On September 8, 2009, Gordon met with the staff of Kanata Dental Hygiene, the first Independent Dental Hygiene office to open since Bill 171 passed in Ontario. Pictured above are Jennifer MacPherson, Kathleen Feres Patry R.D.H., and Elaine Russell R.D.H. from Kanata Dental Hygiene.

Kanata Dental Hygiene celebrates its official grand opening

Kanata Dental Hygiene celebrates its official grand opening on Wednesday June 4th 2008 at its Hazeldean Road location. Elaine Russell, third from left, made history as she was one of the first dental hygienists to open a practice in the province after a bill was passed to allow hygienists to treat clients in their own office, without working alongside a dentist. Participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony that day are, from left, Sharon Davies, manager of the Kanata Chamber of Commerce, ward 23 Kanata South councillor Peggy Feltmate, Russell, Penny White from the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association, Jennifer MacPherson(receptionist), and in behind Denis Cote.


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